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Working with granite

Gil and Christine Moore have always loved the north, spending many yearly vacations hiking and canoeing through the endless wilderness of Algonquin and surrounding areas. Living full time up north was always a dream, and when Gil was finally able to retire from the home building industry, they seized the opportunity and made the move.

Christine Moore - The wildlife art of Christine Moore is the culmination of a lifetime's experience. Sometimes commercial, sometimes voluntary, in a wide variety of media, including many large murals until finally retiring to Muskoka where her husband, Gil, was making serving trays out of granite. The granite of the Canadian Shield is so varied in color, mineral content and patterning, that it inspired her to incorporate it into wildlife paintings and landscapes. Each one is as unique as the rock it is painted on, using the individual characteristics of the rock as part of the painting. Quite often a quartz crystal embedded in the rock face will become a sun or moon in a scene, or a certain cut will be used as part of a tree or a wave. It's simply a matter of thinking creatively.

Gil Moore - Not being one to sit idly, Gil decided to utilize his decades of experience with stone and make use of the granite boulders littering the area. By slicing and polishing the stone, he is able to craft beautifully patterned serving trays, cheese trays, trivets, coasters and many other items. Each one is made unique by the designs and colours of the individual stone, cut one at a time and polished to a high degree to bring out the beauty inside. Each piece is one of a kind, and, a beautiful example of the Canadian Shield.